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What to Expect in Our Newborn Session | Salt Lake City Newborn Photographer

I don't always get the chance to sit down with every potential client. But oh how I wish I could! There are so many things that I would say to each one about what our session would be like together.

These are the things that I want you to know above all else about our newborn session together.

1. It is all about your family RIGHT now. Exactly how you are. All of you, every single member, in your real, BEAUTIFUL life together.

Your little newborn has joined an already beautiful, remarkable, and unique family.

Our session doesn't just focus on your new little one (although they definitely get the star treatment). It is about ALL of you. The complete family who is already completely smitten with this new addition.

2. It is all about CONTEXT.

Your home is a very real, very concrete part of who your family is. I will use your home to bring context to your unique story.

Your home changes just as much and just as quickly as your little family does. The pictures drawn by your little artists, the toys, the DETAILS change as your family changes. You will want to remember these details too.

In our sessions, we will use all of your family's favorite places in your home. Our session is about capturing the whole story of your family and that lies in the details.

3. It is all about single, isolated MOMENTS.

One of my biggest purposes in our session is to catch moments in time. Instances. Glances. Touches.

These are the heart of who you are as a family. These are the pictures which show your immense love for each other in every single detail.

4. It is all about the TINY DETAILS.

As much as I LOVE the big picture stuff, I love just as much the little tiny details of your amazing little one.

You will cling to these details as the years pass. You want to remember exactly the shape of their profile. What their little hair pattern looked like on top of their head. You will so easily forget exactly how small their toes really were.

Details become more meaningful with every. passing. day.

5. Lastly, it is all about you being who you REALLY ARE.

Our session will be relaxed, easy going and completely natural. We will chat and laugh and just enjoy your family and your life.

We will never stress about whether or not baby is 100% content. We will take our time to make sure that every member of your family is completely at ease and just happy to be there.

We will play with your little ones and go at their pace.

All of these things make it so that the images you receive are YOU. Really, truly you. And that is what makes them so very beautiful.

Because a newborn session is SO much more than just pictures of a brand new baby!

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